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Jack Wolfskin | Handmade Films

Hidden gems of Plodda Falls | Wolftrail 

"When visiting Plodda Falls its easy to forget you’re in the Scottish highlands. Whilst you’d usually picture the wild mountains, lochs and glens, this unique area is covered in a dense pine forest, and is home to some of the tallest trees in Scotland. The sound of rushing water guides your route through trees, building in volume along with your excitement until you find yourself reaching the viewing platform.

From here you walk directly out over the waterfall, which gives you incredible views looking straight down the cascading torrent of water. Its a really unique and amazing vantage point and unlike anywhere else I’ve seen in Scotland. Heading back into the woodland, the trail takes you downwards where the sound of the falling water intensifies further.

It grows as you wind your way between the trees until you find the river and the bottom of the waterfall. It’s from here that I think you can really appreciate the power and beauty of the waterfall itself." - Jack Anstey

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