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Jack Wolfskin | Low-carbon transport

We are reducing CO2 emissions on all our transport routes. Out at Work has joined Cycloon Bicycle Delivery Couriers and parcel services. Jack Wolfskin is also reducing emmissions, here is their statement. 

The key to reducing our transport-related CO2 emissions lies in a complete overhaul of our logistics processes, the operative phrase being “supply chain management” (SCM).

This is underpinned by an efficient and holistic planning and coordination system, which we have been using since 2017 to optimise our globally interconnected supply chains at all levels. We are now able to calculate the most economically and environmentally appropriate transport plan for each consignment, taking into account the availability date, mode of transport and route, thus reducing the associated CO2 emissions. In this regard, we have slashed our use of airfreight, in favour of sea freight. For example, we transport 90% of our global incoming freight – which accounts for the majority of our total CO2 emissions – by sea.

We have been able to achieve a further reduction in CO2 emissions thanks to SCM as well as to an improved synchronisation of the delivery cycles to our stores. Instead of many smaller consignments every day, delivery now often takes the form of fewer and larger consignments, thus reducing the number of journeys and the demand for packaging material.
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