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We are Bergans.

Just Hanging Out. 

If you have not spent the night in a hammock before, spring is a perfect season to try it. You get fresh air, the forest for yourself and magnificent sunrises. Experiencing nature up close from the edge of the bed is something everyone should treat themselves to. We give you some good advice along the way.

The future way of owning a product.

When you buy a Spinnova x Bergans x Halley Stevensons anorak, it is important that you understand what you actually are buying. Yes, you will own a really nice product, but you will also own a small part of the total amount of Spinnova material that exists in the world.

The value of the product is therefore divided in two; one part is the value of the work done to shape the material into a garment, and the other part is the value of the material itself. Right now, the material is shaped like an anorak.

But in the future, it can be recycled and become a completely different product. When the product is no longer of use to you, the material still has its value.

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