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Bergans | Save the Seasons

Bergans of Norway was founded in 1908.

For 112 years, our livelihood has been a people's love for and interest in outdoor life and nature. At our latitudes, the seasons and weather are the strongest influences on our outdoor life.

The seasons and the weather affect our choice of activities and the way we carry them out. That has always been the case, and we will fight for it to continue to be so.

Our common goal is to get the seasons into the UNESCO World Heritage List. If we succeed, politicians will be obliged to sharpen their climate efforts in order to stop global warming and thereby preserve the seasons.

Through the project, we will ask the Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment to put the seasons higher on the agenda. Save The Seasons! Save the Seasons is an initiative by Bergans with the WWF Norway.

You can find all info via and we ask all our customers to sign the petition. 

Would you like to do more? To save the seasons, we must cut climate emissions as quickly as possible. Check this video for more tips.

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