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Bergans | Shell Fabrics

Shell Membranes

Dermizax® NX is a smart nonporous membrane which offers high waterproofness and extremely good moisture permeability. Designed to provide maximum protection against all kinds of demanding activities and weather conditions while remaining as comfortable as possible.

• Wind and waterproof (water column minimum 20.000mm)
• Extreme moisture transportation minimum 30.000 g/m²/24 hours
• Dynamic breathability ensures temperature adjustment
• High elasticity enhances wearer comfort
• Machine washable following carelabel

Dermizax® is a smart nonporous membrane which offers high waterproofness, moisture permeability with minimal condensation. Designed for high-intensity activity in extreme weather conditions.

• Wind and waterproof
• Withstands a water column of minimum 20.000 mm
• Moisture transportation minimum 10.000 g/m²/24 hours
• Dynamic breathability ensures temperature adjustment
• High elasticity enhances wearer comfort
• Machine washable following carelabel

Bergans Element Active®
Fully windproof and waterproof, while providing high breathability and
comfort. Designed for moderate to highintensity activity in extreme weather

• Wind and waterproof
• Withstands a water column of minimum 10.000 mm
• Moisture transportation up to 10.000 g/m²/24 hours
• Machine washable following carelabel

Bergans Element®
Fully wind - and waterproof, while providing breathability and comfort.
Designed for moderate - intensity activity, especially for our Lifestyle
• Wind and waterproof
• Withstands a water column of minimum 5.000 mm
• Moisture transportation minimum 5.000 g/m²/24 hours
• Machine washable following carelabel

Outer Frabics

Pertex Quantum®
Pertex Quantum® is a very lightweight, highly durable outer
fabric. It is soft and comfortable, providing down and padding with
space to create optimal insulation. Most important properties:
• Extremely light material
• High durability-to-weight ratio
• High tear resistance-to-weight ratio
• Windproof
• Soft fabric with minimal packing volume


RDS – Resposible Down Standard
Down is a unique material. It keeps heat, transpires well, is light weight and has a long life. Bergans selects only the best quality down in our products – to keep you warm, season after season. High quality and responsible production is part of the sustainability promise we make for all Bergans’ products.

In down production, we have worked for a long time to ensure animals are treated in a humane way and guarantee that practices such as live-plucking or force feeding does not take place and the down is a bi-product from food production. From 2016 we further strengthen our work by making all
Bergans’ down products only contain down that is certified according to the strict requirements of the Responsible Down Standard.

This means every step in the supply chain is audited, from the farms to our warehouse, giving full traceability of where the down comes from. We want our customers to feel secure that our products will keep them warm AND that they have been produced in an ethical way.

Re:Down has developed a method by which used down can be collected,
cleaned and re-integrated into textile production processes. Re:Down is 100% recycled down from used garments and bedding products, sorted and washed before being sterilized. The gathering and production of Re:Down takes place
in Europe, where the facilities are powered by solar energy and they have a water recycling scheme in place. Re:Down delivers the same uncompromised performance benefits of virgin down, and at the same time offers certifies traceability and waste upcycling.


PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Eco
PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Eco consists of 70 % recycled materials. The fibers absorb very little moisture so the insulation feels drier and warmer, even under wet conditions. At the same time the microfibers wick moisture away from the body so that it does not feel clammy. The insulation has an excellent heatto-
weight ratio, making it light and easy to pack. It also feels soft when you are wearing it. The insulation is bluesign® approved. 

Clo® Eco Vivo
Vivo insulation comprises of a series of small apertures set within the insulation to enhance the breathability without decreasing the thermal performance. The holes are a unique size which are visible enough to notice a difference but too small to allow air to circulate thus trapping the air to maintain the insulation
properties. The small holes also allow for a 4 way stretch within the insulation with a fast recovery action which allows the insulation to be combined with
performance fabrics. The insulation is made from 100% polyester, where 90% is from recycled fibers.


Responsible Wool Standard
The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) provides an opportunity for farmers
to demonstrate their best practices to the public, and a means for brands and consumers to have the certainty that the wool products they buy and sell are in line with their values.

Merino Wool
Our superior quality merino wool is sourced from carefully selected producers. Because we use the finest and softest wool fibers, our products are extremely soft and comfortable. Merino wool is a renewable resource which is highly durable and biodegradable. Regulates temperature – provides great insulation in the cold, but has a cooling effect when it’s hot. Absorbs moisture – absorbs up to 30 % of its own weight. Lightweight and comfortable. 

Repels dirt and grime and perspiration odors – garments made from 100 % merino wool can be worn for longer without needing to be washed. Micron is a scale that describes the fineness and softness of wool fibers. Micron values of less than 19 are regarded as fine wool. The lower the micron value, the less itchy the wool. Guaranteed mulesing-free!


Polartec® Thermal Pro®
Polartec® Thermal Pro® gear is the most visually dynamic and technically
advanced of the Polartec® insulation fabrics. Polartec® Thermal Pro®
materials are great styling options for virtually every end use. Main properties:
• Distinctive surface textures
• Warmth without weight
• Highly breathable
• Dries quickly
• Machine washable
• Versatile use


Recycled Cotton
GRS certified recycled cotton is made from non-used clothing and scraps
from garment factories, sorted by color and fed into stripping machines
that break the fabric down into their original fibers. Mixed with virgin cotton, the fibers undergo go a special spinning technique to create a yarn up to
commercial standards. Saving water, reducing carbon footprint of preparing the soil, cultivating the plants, and harvesting the crops. Using recycled cotton ensures the re-utilization of a natural fiber which provides comfortable feel.

Organic Cotton
Organic cotton is cultivated without the use of hazardous chemicals, 
chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers. All our organic Cotton is certified
with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Reinforced Frabrics

Dyneema® fiber is produced in a patented gel spinning process in which the fibers are drawn, heated, elongated, and cooled. Stretching and spinning leads to molecular alignment, high crystallization, and low density. Dyneema® has extremely long molecular chains that transfer load more effectively to the polymer backbone. So it’s stronger at the same weight or lighter at the same
strength than alternatives.

Designed for living and built to last, the original durable CORDURA®
fabric has proven performance in many of the world’s toughest environments.
• Rugged – excellent resistance to abrasion
• Strong - excellent tear strength
• Water Repellent – finished, coated and laminate options
• 100% high tenacity nylon 6,6 filament fiber


TENCEL® is a lyocell fiber, the most environmental friendly viscose fiber.
It is of botanic origin, extracted from the raw material wood, and has less
environmental impact than cotton. The unique closed loop process makes TENCEL® the fiber of the future since the solvent used is recycled by almost 100% in the closed loop process. Textiles of TENCEL® feels more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.

Recycled Polyester
The most common raw material of recycled polyester are used plastic
bottles and waste material from textile production. We work to ensure that as many of our products as possible comprise recycled materials and currently use
different types of recycled polyester in products such as T-shirts, fleece
and softshell garments. Analyses we have commissioned from an independent environmental consultant show that recycled polyester has a markedly lower
environmental and climatic impact than new polyester.

– Partially plant based Polyester 
Bergans lives for the great outdoors. To enable future generations to enjoy
the outdoors as we do today we must end dependency of fossil resources
such as oil.ecodear ® partially plant based Polyester is a good example
for Being innovative and trying new paths. In 2016 we introduced together
with our partner TORAY products made of ecodear®; a partially plant-based polyester.Polyester is  conventionally made from 100 % crude oil. In ecodear®, the ethylene glycol needed in the polymerization is instead made from molasses, a bi-product of sugar production. Chemically ecodear® is just like
conventional polyester and is therefore fully recyclable.

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