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Rain Defender®

Work days don’t get rain delays. Rain Defender® DWR works when it’s wet.

Built to keep you dry and moving in light rain. Rain Defender® durable water repellent (DWR) has your back in light rain by forcing water to bead up and roll right off.

Built to keep you dry and moving in heavy rain. Storm Defender® waterproof breathable technology with fully taped seams stops water from getting in, but sweat can get out.

Weatherproof gear when nothing else will do. Waterproof welded seams and a slick, rain-repellent finish makes it impervious to heavy rain — and exactly what you need for downpours with no end in sight. Find it in gear like our Gilliam Body Warmer,  Legacy 25" Duffel Bag or Shoreline Jackets. 


Fights sweat and stains so you can keep your cool. 

Force® is not a fabric. Force® is a collection of hard-working product attributes and consumer benefits. A Force® product must be sweat-wicking with FastDry® technology.
But it must also possess at least one of the following attributes: 1) Odor-fighting 2) Releases stains with Stain Breaker® technology. Stain Breaker® technology makes our garments look better over a longer period of time.
Workers like that. Workers LOVE that. The bottom line is that Force® works harder, day in and day out, for hard-working men and women, at a price that doesn’t bring out complaints at the kitchen table. If the product says Force®, it was built to outwork them all. Find it in gear like our Hooded Force Jacket, Glenville Cap or Force Extremes Knit Hat.

Full Swing®

Full swing looks traditional, feels exceptional. Engineered design provides stretch without bulk, and every element works with you so you can work easier. Classic Carhartt engineered for maximum range of motion.

Find it in gear like our Full Swing Traditional Coat, Rugged Pro Shirt Long Sleeve - and Rugged Pro Shirt Short Sleeve. 

Quick Duck®

Built light for the heavy haul.

Quick Duck® was introduced in the fall of 2012 to better serve the modern worker through a lightweight fabric that is ounce for ounce as durable raditional sandstone duck jacket. Quick Duck® canvas is 30% lighter than traditional sandstone duck, you get the same durability, with less bulk, making it easier to move during the workday or weekend. Even better, Quick Duck® now comes with 3M™

Thinsulate insulation for warmth without the weight. Quick Duck® gear is also built with Rain Defender® durable water repellent technology so moisture beads up and rolls off. Wear Quick Duck® to work and you’ll be prepared for whatever weather comes your way. Your workload isn't getting any lighter, so your gear better be.

Find it in gear like our Upland Body Warmer, QD Sawtooth Parka or our Ashland Cap. 

Rugged Flex®

Rugged Flex® gear meets Carhartt’ s defined standards for stretch and recovery to give you extra range of motion so you can move and work easily in Rugged Flex garments.

Featuring Flex Elbow:

Swing that axe with the Flex Elbow™ for less restriction: it has an inside stretch panel and articulated seams on the outside.

Featuring Mighty Back:

This bi-swing stretch panel between the shoulders provides instant recovery, so it moves with you throughout your workday – not against you. 

Featuring Freedom Gusset:

The Freedom Gusset™ under the arms helps you do a cartwheel or lift something heavy without your sleeves riding up.

Featuring Rugged Flex:

This durable stretch technology is built into the fabric we use to make Full Swing® garments, so they never restrict you. Find it in gear like our Hamilton Plain Flannel Shirt, Rugged Pro Pants or our Rugged Flex Bib.


FastDry® wicks away sweat and moisture from the fabric to help promote
faster drying. Find it gear like our Force Cotton Delmont Pocket Poloshirt,  Pro Cap or our Socks. 

Storm Defender®

Waterproof breathable protection. Rain? No sweat. Carhartt Storm Defender® waterproof breathable outerwear stops every drop but lets sweat escape throughout your workday. Find in gear like our Extreme Angler Bib, Shoreline Jacket or our Hooded Force Jacket. 


Wind Fighter™

Wind Fighter™ is a technology that prevents wind from blasting through the fabric and reaching your skin. Find it in gear like our Hooded Rough Cut Jacket or our Gilliam Jacket.

3M Thinsulate Insulation

A technology to keep you extra warm when it’s cold outside. The microfibers in the insulation capture air in the material so that there is more space between the outside and the body. Thereby, the body is better protected against cold outside air. Find it in gear like our Duck Active Jacket, QD Sawtooth Parka or our Upland Body Warmer.


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